Let’s Commune Together

In addition to adhering to our values, Ma Mara Sakit community members (individuals, groups, networks, entities/organizations) must follow the following guidelines.

Respect One Another

Recognize and understand that we all come from diverse backgrounds with different experiences and have multiple identities that shape our realities. Cultivate a non-judgmental space for all by always speaking from lived experiences, engaging with an open mind, and maintaining the confidentiality of personal experiences or stories shared in our Feminist Talking Circles. Be respectful of how people want to be identified or referred to.

Power With

Leverage individual and collective strengths and minimize focusing on differences or areas of growth. Individually or collectively, people are at different stages in their feminist journey, and unlearning internalized oppression is a process. Be patient with one another, exchange and share knowledge and skills that support and uplift.

Listen and Engage with Empathy

Being women, girls, or gender expansive people are not monolithic groups. Our experiences are not uniform. Some women, girls, or gender expansive people are at intersections of multiple marginalized identities, so ensure that you listen with care and kindness. Be mindful of your privileges, how you show up or take space, and what that means for others.

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